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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Shy wildlife

We departed from Petersburg after Dave completed a few projects including fixing the radar.  There was a sea lion in the marina right next to the boat.  Flopping about eating a salmon.  Where is my camera when I need it?!  We went south through Wrangell Narrows.  We can see at least one bald eagle at any point in time.  We routinely see them pluck fish out of the water.  Though never when Melissa has her camera.  The wild life here are shy.  As we continue down the channel we pass the Columbia – which is a ferry that looks like a small cruise ship, and a small log boom being pushed and pulled by a couple of small tug boats.


We pull into Deception Point Cove at the end of the channel where we planned to anchor, only to find a log tow anchored in the middle of the bay.  Dave is not happy about this as if we are to anchor and not be on the same swing as the logs they are likely to swing into us at night and take our anchor out or worse.  We debate just tying up to the log tow as if it were a dock.  But Dave decides that another little bay – woodpecker bay – not too far is just the ticket.  At one point he turns off the stereo to listen.  Sure enough we can hear the distinctive rata-tat-tat of the wood peckers in the woods not too far away.  We go for a quiet evening kayak ride.


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