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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

The boat gets a tower

One of the things we wanted to do while the boat was in the boat yard was to install its new arch.  Because the boat was on stilts up in the air, Dave first had to erect scaffolding.

Dave thought they could put the arch together and put it up so that they could drill the holes in the boat in the right place.  Its bad when you drill holes in the boat you don't need.  However, the best laid plans didn't turn out so well.  Dave had Curtis on one leg and Bob on another.  They lifted it up, only to have the whole thing come apart and nearly topple to the ground.  Ooops.  Ok, this means that (1) Dave will have to actually screw the arch together before they try to lift it (not ideal as then it will be difficult to adjust), and (2) he will have to drill the holes in his "best guess" location.  This means measurements have to be EXACT.  Fortunately Dave managed to get both spot on.


The arch will be the home for the new dingy once it's finished.

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