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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Starter number 3

A few days ago we went to start the boat and... nada.  The starter didn't so much a click and try to turn over.  For those of you paying close attention, you may recall the awful two days Dave spent in Vancouver replacing the starter.  So to discover that the second starter (a mere 127 days later) is bad was pretty frustrating.  Dave found that there is a loose connection on the solenoid.  He was able to wiggle it and get the boat started, but we needed to replace it again.  The good news is that we had a spare - despite the fact that the starter was brand new.  (Paranoia wins yet again!)  This time around it didn't take 30 hours and a special made tool.  However, it was a bear because the screws just didn't want to line up.  So after a hour of frustration, Dave managed to get it in.  The bad unit is on its way back for a refund under warrantee, and yet another spare has been purchased.

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